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Statement of Principles

of the Associated Academic Professionals

We are the teaching faculty and librarians of Eastern Oregon University in La Grande, Oregon. Our purpose in forming our organization is to engage in collective bargaining with Eastern Oregon University and the Oregon University System. Our support for collective bargaining is based on the following beliefs and principles:

EQUALITY: Collective bargaining will make us equal partners with administrators in matters concerning our wages, our benefits, and the future of quality education at Eastern Oregon University. Our partnership will not be merely consultative and at the discretion of administrators, but a partnership with the force of law.

ACCOUNTABILITY: Collective bargaining will give us the right to shared and free-flowing information about budgets, funds, law, policy and the intent of administrators. We will have the right to propose and defend alternate solutions and enforce our agreements and fair treatment after negotiations are completed.

DEMOCRACY: Collective bargaining will give us the right to submit decisions affecting our future and the quality of education to a binding democratic vote of informed faculty and librarians. Our union will provide us an institution for free and independent debate and decision-making about issues such as shared governance, and the preservation of quality education in Eastern Oregon.

AAP Constitution (pdf)

Revised January 2012